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Welcome to Sparkly Place Fused Glass and Jewellery 

Sparkly Place features beautiful and unique handmade glass fused designs, from jewellery to home decor, made by a mother and daughter team in Essex, England.
Glass fusing is an art that has survived throughout the centuries. It dates back to the Roman times and it was popularized in the early 20th century. It involves melting glass in a kiln to create a variety of art objects. What makes fused glass such a distinguishable technique is the fact that, unlike stained glass, it has no lead lines. This is what gives fused glass its fluidity and flexibility in terms of creativity.


To make our unique handmade pieces we cut coloured glass into shapes, and then layer them in patterns to fuse together in the kiln. Cutting glass can be difficult; particularly when trying to create curves and turns. There are other elements that can be used such as frit – tiny pieces of glass that looks like sand; stringers, which are thin lines of glass of around 1mm or 2mm wide; and various other paints and glitters. Putting all these elements together creates the patterns.

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