Christmas Mystery Selection Box

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These selection boxes are a great way to get a range of beautiful Christmas glass items for a great price. You will always get more items than you would if you purchased individually. There is a chance to state when purchasing what your colour scheme is.

As well as glass tree decorations, the bigger boxes may also include handmade jewellery, earrings, coasters, candle drapes, wreaths or dishes. Larger items will normally be chosen between candle waves, candle shields, large hangers or lanterns.


You will get a selection of approximately five fused glass hanging decorations worth more than £20 if purchased individually.


You will get one large item plus approx four other items from the range above worth more than £35


You will get at least two large items, plus a selection of around five to six items from the range above worth more than £50.

Extra Special

This very special box will contain approx 3-4 large items, plus a selection from across the entire range. Worth much more than £100 and will be a lovely treat for yourself, or will enable you to divide into lots of Christmas gifts!

Please note the photos are for illustrative purposes only. No specific item is guaranteed, it’s just meant to give you an idea of the kind of handmade items it will contain!

The boxes will be sent by the end of November ready for Christmas!

Additional information

Size of Box

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Special

Colour Choice

Traditional Colours, Contemporary Colours, A Mixture